COVID-19 Office Procedures

During the past year, we have all learned how to better protect others and ourselves from the Covid virus.  We are committed to protecting both our patients and our employees in the dental office setting.  All members of our staff have been vaccinated to help minimize the risk of either spreading or catching the virus.  In addition, an increasing number of patients have now been vaccinated, and our office has received questions about possible changes in our office procedures.  The following information outlines our current office procedures.

About 24 hours before your appointment, Covid screening questions will be texted to your phone.  You may answer the questions and reply on your phone, or if you do not receive the questions, you may fill out the same questionnaire when you arrive.  Because circumstances may change, these questions are asked/answered before each appointment.

PLEASE NOTE:  Masks are still required for entry into our office and at all times except when we are actually providing treatment.   This is standard procedure, regardless of whether or not you have received the Covid vaccine.  When you arrive for your appointment, one of our staff members will take your temperature with a touchless digital/infrared thermometer.  Before you are seated in the treatment area, we ask that you visit our infection control room where you will rinse with an antiviral mouthwash and wash your hands before being seated.   After treatment, please put your mask back on before leaving the treatment area and use the hand sanitizer as you leave the office.

We are continuing to schedule patients to minimize your time in our waiting room.  When you arrive in our parking lot, you may reply to the text you received confirming your appointment, or else call us at 329-9060.  We will advise you when to come into the office, thus minimizing your wait time.  We do not have waiting room seating for extra family members not receiving treatment (except for caregiver if patient is a minor or elderly requiring assistance.)  All other precautions remain in effect, such as no magazines or commonly touched objects, hand sanitizer throughout our office, and waiting room seating that allows appropriate distance between patients.  If you have any questions or concerns before or during treatment, please ask any of our staff.  

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to provide a safe treatment environment.